Wednesday, March 28, 2012

LOVE WILL SET ME FREE Affirmation - Angel Fairy Art Card, ACEO, ooak and enchanting.

LOVE WILL SET ME FREE ~ I release any unpleasantness from the past and let it sail away.  I envision it going though the mists of my memories, over the horizon, and out of sight and as it does so, it turns into bright and shiny Love energies.  Love rushes in to fill any empty places within my body, heart and mind.  Now I am free to do what is before me and free to do it better than ever before.  LOVE has released me from my fears and opened up my life to a positive and good reality.  I am free to enrich my life, everthing conerning me and the universe.    

Today I would like to highlight an art card that I created a while ago.  She is an Angel Fairy with a vintage "feel" and embellished with sparkle among other enchanting things.  

Here’s a marvelous and enchanting poem by one of my favorite poets and writers, John Keats.  He always makes my spirit soar.  I hope  you enjoy this as much as I.
Ode to a Nightingale
by John Keats

Away! away! for I will fly to thee,
Not charioted by Bacchus and his padres,
But on the viewless wings of Poesy,
Though the dull brain perplexes and retards:
Already with thee! tender is the night,
And haply the Queen-Moon is on her throne,
Cluster'd around by all her starry Fays;
But here there is no light,
Save what from heaven is with the breezes blown,
Through verdurous glooms and winding mossy ways. 


Wishing you, always, Happiness, Health, Abundance and Enlightenment.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Embellished Art Bag With Wisdom Oracle Sticks

Affirm For Today ~ 
I am a Radiant, Beautiful and Vibrant Being, 
Healthy and Joyously Alive !
Greetings!  Today, I am highlighting my embellished art bag with wisdom sticks.  It's been a while since I had to re-list this and thought you might like to see.  This took me tons of time to create and I don't know how many others I have already made and as of now I don't plan to make anymore.  As with a lot of my art, after a while I move onto something else.  Enjoy!  

May your Days Be Filled With Mystery, Magic and Wonder !

Thursday, March 22, 2012

World Water Day 2012

International World Water Day is held annually on 22 March as a means of focusing attention on the importance of freshwater and advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources.

 There are 7 billion people to feed on the planet today and another 2 billion are expected to join by 2050.   Statistics say that each of us drinks from 2 to 4 liters of water every day, however most of the water we ‘drink’ is embedded in the food we eat: producing 1 kilo of beef, for example, consumes 15,000 liters of water while 1 kilo of wheat ‘drinks’ up to 1,500 liters.

 When a billion people in the world already live in chronic hunger and water resources are under pressure we cannot pretend the problem is ‘elsewhere’. Coping with population growth and ensuring access to nutritious food to everyone call for a series of actions we can all help with:
  • follow a healthier, sustainable diet;
  • consume less water-intensive products;
  • reduce the scandalous food wastage: 30% of the food produced worldwide is never eaten and the water used to produce it is definitively lost!
  • produce more food, of better quality, with
    less water.

Just click on the pictures to take you to the World Water Day UN Site for more information.

Health and Happiness for ALL !