Thursday, March 20, 2014

Secret Garden

Please check this out from the Fling Promotion on the Hippie Peaceniks team  My print is way down on the page titled Secret Garden.

On another note, my daughter is still suffering from her Heart Attack that she had last year.  It's so hard when one doesn't have one's health ... and some have no sympathy at all ... kinda makes me feel sorry for them.  I keep practicing positive thinking and affirmations but I have to admit it can be so hard on one of her really bad days.  

Below are some prints from my other Etsy shop.

Finally, here's a wonderful quote from Joseph Campbell that helps me get through some "of those" days.  Hope this helps you also.  Love, Peace and Light to All.
Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging. --Joseph Campbell

Monday, May 13, 2013

Thank you dear friends.

Thank you dear friends who have helped me get through these so hard times ... still have a way to go, but we are on our way.  Aimee was able to get some health coverage and today after many hours was able to get her meds to get her through until she sees a cardiologist in a couple of weeks.  For those of you who don't know, my Evening Star, my precious, my daughter, my child, had a heart attack a few weeks ago.  I remember asking the doctor who put in the stent and cleared her blockage say sometimes they just don't know why this happens.  She had a blood clot in an artery near her heart and it caused a severe heart attack ... and she's just in her 30's.  After all her suffering these past six plus years with her reactive arthritis this had to happen.  ugggg !!!!  Anyway, I'll be practicing my positive affirmations and prayers to our Holy Mother .... that's my way to connect to the Divine.  Good news, Aimee's starting to read about meditation and I know that will help.  We just have to do our best and than have the faith that all will be ok .

Love and Light To ALL !

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Earth Day 2013 - Conserve Water Pretty Please

Remember On Earth Day And Each And Every Day- Use Water Efficiently

Make it a full load! Run your dishwasher only when it's full. Don't pre-rinse dishes - tests show pre-rinsing doesn't improve dishwasher cleaning, and you'll save as much as 20 gallons of water per load. When you buy a new dishwasher, look for one that saves water. Water-efficient models use only about only about 4 gallons per wash. 

Be sensible! The Earth might seem like it has abundant water, but in fact only one percent of all water on the planet is available for humans. Buy fixtures and products that are water efficient - you can use less water to get the same job done just as well. When you go shopping, look for the WaterSense label to find water efficient products.

Shower power! A full bathtub requires about 70 gallons of water, but taking a five-minute shower saves water by using 10 to 25 gallons. Put a little timer or clock near your shower so you can see how fast you are. Save even more water, and money on your water bill, by installing a water-efficient showerhead, or ask your landlord to install one if you rent. 

Don't be a drip - fix that leak! Leaky faucets can waste thousands of gallons of water each year, like money down the drain. Repair or replace old or damaged fixtures. If you're not sure you have a leak, check the water meter before and after a two-hour period when no water is being used. If the meter does not read exactly the same, you probably have a leak. 

Make it a full load! The average washing machine uses 40.9 gallons of water per load. If you buy a a new washer, shop for a high-efficiency washer that needs less than 28 gallons of water per load. To achieve even greater savings, wash only full loads of laundry or be sure to choose the appropriate load size on the washing machine.

Now, as a note of interest …. We really do all of these things and not only because we believe in all of this stuff … but because we just can’t afford our water bill as it is.  Here, where we are in Florida, bills can go into the hundreds of dollars per month even when practicing all of these things.  This only hurts folks like us who don’t have much to spend and doesn’t affect those with abundant means at all.  There has to be a better way, but then that would be more economically just and that just wouldn’t do for those who are deep in the depth of the darkness of their souls.  I don’t know how we can awaken those in such denial after all when was A Christmas Carol written, what century?  But I do have hope and when there is hope anything can happen.  So, I remember that to dispel the darkness …. we have to be the light to set those in darkness free, including ourselves. 

Love and Light To All ... And I Do Mean All ... We Are All Connected

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Earth Day 2013 - April 22

Ok, ok, I could write an encyclopedia about this and how I feel about our beautiful, gorgeous, sacred, bountiful Mother Earth ... but instead I'm linking the first picture to the site where you can get involved and also see that, yes, there are good and kind people who care.  I'm so happy that our area is having an event and hopefully we will be healthy enough to go.  Enjoy everyone ... happiness and Mother's blessings to all.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Positive Affirmation - Let Go Of Bitterness And Forgive

Search your heart for feelings of injustice and unfairness that you feel have been inflicted upon you and let them go. You are free.  ~Louise L. Hay

I love this quote from Louise Hay … and below is a wonderful article from the dailyom.  Reading and pondering all of these things make me feel better and that somehow someway things are getting better … one moment at a time. 
It is natural to feel resentment or anger when life does not unfold as expected. We consciously or unconsciously anticipated one experience, and we grieve for the loss of it when the universe puts something else in our path. Most of the time, we work through these feelings and they pass. Occasionally, our anger and resentment do not fade and are instead transformed into bitterness. Bitter feelings allow us to become perfect victims in that we no longer feel obliged to work toward healing and choose instead to identify with our pain. Yet as unwholesome as bitterness can be, it is also a natural element of our emotional palette. When we acknowledge that it is okay to feel bitter, we reconnect with our hurt in a constructive way and can begin the process of working through it.

The nature of bitterness is rooted in the fact that the pain we feel provides us with a rationale. We may feel that we deserve to embrace our bitterness to its full extent. And to be bitter is, in essence, to cut ourselves off from all that is positive, hardening our hearts and vowing never to let go of our hurt. But just as bitter feelings can be self-defeating, so too can the release of bitterness be life-affirming in a way that few other emotional experiences are. When we decide that we no longer want to be bitter, we are reborn into a world filled with delight and fulfillment unlike any we knew while in the clutches of bitterness. The veil it cast over our lives is lifted, letting light and warmth touch our souls.

Divesting yourself of bitter feelings can be as simple as truly forgiving and moving on. Even when your bitterness has no concrete object, you can forgive situations too. Healing pain can be challenging but may be easier if you remind yourself that you are the only entity truly affected by your emotional state. In time, you will discover that letting go of your bitterness frees you to initiate the healing process and allows you to once again celebrate the possibility of the more wonderful life you deserve.

Let Go Of All Your Bitterness and See The World Transform Before Your Very Eyes ... Love and Light to ALL !

Monday, April 1, 2013

Ode To April

"The sun was warm but the wind was chill.
You know how it is with an April day.
When the sun is out and the wind is still,
You're one month on in the middle of May.
But if you so much as dare to speak,
a cloud come over the sunlit arch,
And wind comes off a frozen peak,
And you're two months back in the middle of March."
-  Robert Frost, Two Tramps in Mud Time, 1926  

Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!"  
~Robin Williams 

Oh how I miss the Spring flowers ... my dad was a gardner wih a love for planting and cultivating both flowers and vegetables ... he really should have been a farmer ... he had the heart and soul for it.  I was the only one of his kids who took an interest in planting ... not as much as him, but a fair amount.  That's why I miss the Spring flowers so ... I have been unable to even keep summer flowers where I am in Florida ... for the past years it's been so very hot, everything wilts and dies ... maybe this year will be a bit cooler.
Anyway, happy happy beginning of a beautiful Spring season.

Happiness Always

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Vintage Fairies and a bit of Yeats

Princess Edane... heard a voice singing on a May Eve like this, and followed half awake and half asleep, until she came into the Land of Faery, where nobody gets old and godly and grave, where nobody gets old and crafty and wise, where nobody gets old and bitter of tongue.  ~William Butler Yeats, "The Land of Heart's Desire," 1894

These are just wonderful and enchanting vintage fairy pictures that I hope you will enjoy.  
May you days be filled with the magic and laughter of the Fae Folk ... Always !