Thursday, October 27, 2011

Our Black Cat Puffie ... Oh How We Love Her !

Greetings fellow cat lovers. Well here’s my second post about our kitties.

This is our Puffie … she is such a gentle soul … and, of course, as all you cat lovers know, unique and querky, like no one else, in our family at least. Not to mention she is just beautiful.

I will always have a black cat. She is our second. Our first was my beloved Spookie, a barn cat. I got her for my daughter, but Spookie picked me. I still miss her and always will.

Anyway, back to Puffie. She scares Arty (our youngest and biggest), he’s kinda hyper and he has kitty OCD. When he tries to stare her down, after a bit, he starts crying. What a hoot! You see, she is so black that when you are looking at her face it’s like looking into a black hole and after a while it gets to you. At least that’s how Arty feels.

Another thing that Puffie does that I haven’t seen any other cat do, but I’m sure there are some out there that do, is that she’s on her stomach and her legs straight out. I don’t have a picture right now with that, but when I do I’ll post it. She’s our jaguar cat as we call her. I just know she has relatives in Central America right now. But she wouldn’t hurt a fly. All our cats are, excuse the pun, pussies, except for our oldest, who is also the smallest one which I will post about eventually.

I love my Puffie Cat ... I love all of our Cats ... in fact, I love all kitties !

No heaven will not ever Heaven be
Unless my cats are there to welcome me.
~Author Unknown

I believe cats to be spirits come to earth. A cat, I am sure, could walk on a cloud without coming through. ~Jules Verne

In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this. ~Terry Pratchett

As always, Peace, Happiness, Health, Abundance and Love and Light to ALL !


Leanne said...

ahhh agree Black cats are the best! the ebony cats we breed are solid black they have no brown undertones.
never seen a cat on tummy with legs out like a rug - hope you snap a photo of Puffie in the pose.

Love Leanne

Magic Love Crow said...

Great post! I love Puffie! What a treasure! Love to see a picture of her lying on her tummy ;o) Take Care ;o)

Lady Caer Morganna said...

Aww, she is absolutely elegant indeed! We have two black cats, Kiki and Midnight, and one Calico kitty, Haley. They all get along pretty well, but Kiki is definately "the boss" and Midnight is the "pussy" of the family. I love them all the same and would be totally lost without them ~ especially Midnight who is really my heart!

And I LOVE the poem ~ so true!!!



Witchy said...

She's so beautiful. All black cats are so mysteriously beautiful. I loved the quote about cats not forgeting they were once worshipped! It made me laugh. I too hope to see a picture soon of the sprawled position.