Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It's Just One Of Those Days ....

Oh how I try to be positive every day, every moment, but that’s impossible for me.  So, I just try to be positive moment to moment and when something upsetting comes into my life I do try to feel those feelings and then let them go.  It may take some time, but I’m getting better at it.  And, frankly, I do have things to be worried and upset about, like we all do.  Being the sensitive soul that I am, the cruelty of the world seeps in and I get very depressed.   I try to keep a wise friend’s words close and not be so hard on myself and take on the world's burdens.  After all, my fretting won’t change a blessed thing except make me sick.  Be that as it may, I was thinking about the following from one of my favorite writers when these feelings just came to mind. 

To thine own self be true,     
and it must follow, as the night the day,
thou canst not then be false to any man.

I try to be true to myself … even though I’m still searching and discovering.  Below are some very interesting quotes on this same subject that I hope you will enjoy.  

You must be
true to yourself.
Strong enough to be
true to yourself.
Brave enough to be
strong enough to be
true to yourself.
Wise enough to be
brave enough to be
strong enough to
shape yourself from what
you actually are.
~Sylvia Ashton-Warner (she's from New Zealand) 

Make it thy business to know thyself, which is the most difficult lesson in the world. Yet from this lesson thou will learn to avoid the frog's foolish ambition of swelling to rival the bigness of the ox. ~Miguel de Cervantes

I prefer to be true to myself, even at the hazard of incurring the ridicule of others, rather than to be false, and to incur my own abhorrence.  ~Frederick Douglass  (how cool is he!!)

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson (one of my favorite writers and human beings)

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.  ~e.e. cummings

We may as well follow our own path ... they all lead to the same place anyway. ~ArtSings


Wishing you all Happiness, Compassion, Kindness, Understanding, Peace and Abundance, now and always. 


Magic Love Crow said...

Beautiful post, thank you! I think if we all were true to ourselves, smiled and helped one another, it would be such a wonderful world. But, yet, we do live in a wonderful world, because there are many people like us, keeping positive and our energy is making everything better, I truly believe that! Big Hugs, I will get back to you soon about your shop! I haven't forgot your question! Been busy, sorry ;o)

ArtSings1946 said...

Thank you so much Stacy for your sweet sweet comment.

Love and Happiness to All !

Lady Caer Morganna said...

"We may as well follow our own path ... they all lead to the same place anyway." How intelligently said and so very true!

Last night my husband and I were out with a couple of old High School classmates of mine and we were discussing this very subject so it is interesting that you posted this!

I totally agree with you, my sister. As hard as it is, us worrying so much only serves to makes us ill both physically and mentally. Please try to remember also that you are NOT alone and have people around you who love and care about you (like me) ;)



ArtSings1946 said...

Thank you so much Kim, my Spirit Sister. Your positive and kind comment will make my Thanksgiving bright and shiny.

Love and Happiness,

Witchy said...

Very nice post. I agree completely with everything said. We must be true to ourselves but we must also learn not to close ourselves off using individuality as a tool or excuse for being alone. Happiness is nothing without being shared.

ArtSings1946 said...

Thank you Witchy for your positive and supportive comments (as usual).

Avoiceinthewind said...

wonderful post, being postive keeps one putting one foot in front of the other, until eventually one gets past the rough spots

ArtSings1946 said...

Thank you for the kind words, A Voice In The Wind. I really appreciate all the positive and kind comments I get.

Happiness, Peace and Abundance To All ~