Thursday, June 21, 2012

Never Give Up - Affirmation To Lift Your Spirit

When you go through a hard period,
When everything seems to oppose you,
When you feel you cannot bear even one minute,  
NEVER GIVE UP              
Because it is THAT time and place that the course will divert.

This reminds me of the saying "It's Always Darkess Before Dawn."  I believe Winston Churchill used this a lot during the WWII years.  What a time to live through ... although it seems pretty dark here now.  I always try to think of this quote and know soon things will be getting better for my little family and all of human kind.  I don't know why, but I feel we are on the verge of a big spiritual leap ... I have no idea why I feel that way sometimes, but I truly do.  

Wishing you all a wonderful day filled with Peace and Love, Always !


Gloria said...

Great quote and hoping your breakthrough will soon be here ♥

Victoria said...

What a gorgeous photo! I love the quote, too. My motto has always been, "Never give in, never give up," which I think might have been said first by Winston Churchill.

I hope the darkness that you are experiencing now lifts soon and never returns.

Blessings always to you and yours...

Victoria from Brushstrokes

ArtSings1946 said...

Wow, I simply love my blogger friends. Thanks to you both for your encouraging words. I don't mean to sound so negative, but I just want to encourage others and let them know that it's not easy at all sometimes to continue to be positive. That at times circumstances are just so hard. I don't want to discount my feelings about that and others also.

I used to dismiss anything worrysome and negative and it would just go back into my subconscious and fester there. So I have a method or mantra to accept these feelings and then let them go. That seems to be so much better than holding onto them even if I don't consciously feel I am.

I did also mean that things look pretty dark for the world in general. I haven't given up and I know that continuing my positive affirmations and thinking helps so much.

Love and Light Always

Magic Love Crow said...

Beautiful affirmation! Never give up, try to always smile everyday, and keep being positive ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

laurelsbylaurie said...

WONDERFUL AFFIRMATION. I needed this about six months ago. Printing it out to carry with me.