Sunday, July 22, 2012

Connecting With Your Feminine Soul

Found this at The Adventures Of A Striped Stocking blog ... she always has such wonderful videos.  I can "see" my daughter in this.  One thing for sure, her life's journey has made her authentic and true.  I can see now that she has gone through all that she has to become the authentic feminine soul that she is.  I know her journey is not over and that she has a lot to give to our world and herself.  She has helped me become more authentic, even though many times I was kicking and fighting her all the way ... but this video has made me think and I hope it will connect to your soul as well. 

As we face our soul we face and connect with each other and the Divine Feminine within.  May She bring you comfort and happiness and most of all, She brings LOVE.

Love and Light to All, Always


Ruth Welter said...

Hi ArtSings, Yes, go plant some will love that flower. Here, I have to have the "hardy" kind that can take winter, you however, can plant tropical hibiscus , which comes in a bunch more colors then the hardy variety does. Go get a few today...enjoy.


Introverted Art said...

And she sure has. Such powerful voice, beautiful and divine.

ArtSings1946 said...

Thanks for the info Ruth about Hibiscus ... I'll get some as soon as I am able to. Have to make some steady sales though.

Glad you liked this Introverted Art.

Keep Smiling both of you!

Magic Love Crow said...

What a beautiful and powerful talk! I really enjoyed it! Thanks so much ;o) Very special! Big Hugs;o)