Sunday, September 2, 2012

Daydreaming - I Forgot About Daydreaming

I  remember daydreaming all the time throughout my childhood and teenage years and also as a young adult.  Life's hard knocks drummed it out of me and I just realized lately that I don't daydream anymore ... I have been making an effort each morning after my positive affirmations to take a few minutes to daydream ... it makes me feel good and helps me get through the day.  I dream of a world filled with beauty, LOVE, kindness, generosity of spirit, compassion, respect and love of nature and our Mother Earth, unity and community, happiness and joy .... for everybody ... I trust that someday my dreams will come true ... I can see it in my mind's eye. 

"Nurturing ourselves with personal time to dream and imagine contributes to a powerful sense of well-being that carries over into our relationships with others. Most of us would gladly sacrifice our personal time to care for our loved ones, but doing so detracts from the energy we can devote to them. By instead making an effort to honor our inner self through daydreaming or visualization, we automatically feel filled from within by inspiration and joy. Doing this helps us in our own endeavors, and we can share this healing and uplifting energy with those we love and care for, contributing positive energy to our relationships and strengthening the important connections that enrich our lives. Directing some nurturing energy to yourself today can deepen the quality of support and encouragement you provide for others.  ~dailyom"

I came across the above, but after I started trying to daydream again ... I feel that this was a message from Spirit to let me know I'm on the right path.   

May You All Have Magical And Enchanting Daydreams
May They All Come True 
You Are All Beautiful To Me !


Introverted Art said...

I think the biggest challenge of adulthood is to keep the magic of childhood, the amazement with small things, the daydreaming that was as strong as reality...

Magic Love Crow said...

Daydreaming is very powerful! I am so happy you have started doing this again! I find I daydream throughout the day, even sometimes when I paint. Big Hugs and many blessings ;o)

Victoria said...

I still daydream! For me, it's a necessitity as an artist, plus I guess it's just my nature.



Anonymous said...

I wish the same blessing for you, sweetie. Hugs always, Mina

Anonymous said...

Mindful daydreaming can be such a creative way to inspire the spirit! What a lovely post today..thank you!