Thursday, December 6, 2012

Vintage Yule Christmas Treasures

Here are some vintage images that I have collected through the years that you may use as you wish.  Also, I had this poem from so long ago that I wanted to share.  Enjoy all good people who come in peace.

Come, bring with a noise,
    My merry, merry boys,
The Christmas log to the firing,
    While my good dame, she
    Bids ye all be free,
And drink to your heart’s desiring.

    With the last year’s brand
    Light the new block, and
For good success in his spending,
    On your psalteries play,
    That sweet luck may
Come while the log is a-tending.

    Drink now the strong beer,
    Cut the white loaf here,
The while the meat is a-shredding;
    For the rare mince-pie,
    And the plums stand by,
To fill the paste that’s a kneading.
~Robert Herrick (1648)

Love, Peace, Happiness and 
A Compassionate Heart To ALL


Introverted Art said...

these are such cute images! and the poem is beautiful.

sharonssunlitmemories said...

Lovely vintage cards Jan - the one with the angels is my favourite. I also enjoyed the poem very much - I have not come across it before - its always nice to find something new (even if in reality it is actually quite old!)

CraveCute said...

I too love vintage cards! The angel is also my favorite! Very nice poem... helps put me in the holiday spirit!

Magic Love Crow said...

The vintage images are so sweet and I love the poem! Big Hugs my friend ;o)

Victoria said...

I love the vintage cards, Jan, thanks for posting them! That's an interesting poem, too.

Lots of blessings,


Introverted Art said...

Don't let things get to you... you have talent and soul. The rest will fall in place.

Ruth Welter said...

Hey Jan, I'm so thrilled for you that you have been having good luck on EBAY. You so deserve it my friend.

Isn't that wonderful what Cheap Joe's is doing? It truly amazed me, my husband and I were really blown away.

Again, great you tried ebay and really did it...positive thoughts are so important, keep up the great work. When we move, we want to take not only paintings but smaller things like my cards and hot plates and sell at even farmer's markets. I'm gunna try for a whole new kind of audience.

Holiday blessings to you.


elettrarossa said...

I'm always amused by your posts! Have a merry merry Christmas, Elettra