Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Signs Of Spiritual Awakenings

I really liked this video about signs of spiritual awakening.  Are you on the path?  I know I have some of these signs ... just being more aware of my feelings and thoughts has increased astoundingly in these past eight years ... but with that has been much emotional pain and lots of fear.  I am beginning to think that the old saying is true, "it's always darkest before dawn."  It's been a long night for me ... but I know when the sun rises it will seem like no time at all.  

I have been having so much trouble sleeping lately waking with great anxiety ... and re-finding this has helped me realize what I've been thinking ... that all my worries and fears and past experiences are coming up to the surface of my consciousness.  

Here's another one of Louise Hay's wonderful cards from the I Can Do It Cards (Beautiful Card Deck)
This one just poped out to me as I was reading over this post ... how magical and marvelous, at least to me it is. 

As Always, Love and Light and All Things Good


Introverted Art said...

I have been so disconnected from my spiritual side lately. I feel I need to step back and reconnect.

elettrarossa said...

I hope you'll be soon able to have a good night sleep, that comes as a well deserved treat after a period of insomnia.
PS. Thank you for passing by my blog, I always appreciate your kindness...


Victoria said...

Spiritual awakening is such a gift and such a potent place on the journey...pretty amazing intense and powerful and always transformational! and even beyond the initial awakening..the intervals-layers of awakenings that follow change us forever ..such a gift! thanks for sharing..wishing you magic and joy on your journeys!

Magic Love Crow said...

Thank you for this post today! I feel this was a sign to me! I have been going through all of this, since the last week of 2012, till now. I can't explain it all, but things are happening! Even with my art! It's very powerful! Big Hugs Jan ;o) Be Well ;o)

Victoria said...

I hope you'll sleep well tonight, Jan, and from now on.

Many blessings,


Unknown said...

Very lovely and calming video. Thank you for sharing this.