Monday, June 27, 2011

I Just Love "The Lord Of The Rings" And All things Fairy !

Greeting All! Just wanted to share this quote with you. I love, love, love it!"

The realm of faery-story is wide and deep and high and filled with many things: all manner of beasts and birds are found there; shoreless seas and stars uncounted; beauty that is an enchantment, and an ever-present peril; both joy and sorrow sharp as swords. In that realm a man may, perhaps, count himself fortunate to have wandered, but its very richness and strangeness tie the tongue of the traveler who would report them. And while he is there it is dangerous for him to ask too many questions, lest the gate should be shut and the keys be lost."

J.R.R. Tolkien, "On Faery-Stories," in The Monsters and the Critics and Other Essays

I have included one the my Fairy Girls....she most represents me...but PATIENCE is something I strive for. My fairyland is colorful and quirky, filled with good intentions for all. I will tell you the story of these fairies in an upcoming post!

Love And Light

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