Thursday, June 30, 2011

Such A Pretty Poem from a talented young lady !

Greetings friends of the Fae and also those who love art. Above is one of my fairy girls, she holds the gift of GIGGLES. So, my wish today for you is to have lots to giggle about!

I discovered this delightful poem at the Kirks' folly forum and was permitted to place it in my blog. Enjoy!

A Fairy Tribute
Every day at sunrise
Fairies young and old
Wake up and start their day.
Not one worry occurs
While work is done
Just joy and happiness.
No matter what, they smile
And know everything is alright
As long as they’re alright.
So smile, let your eyes gleam
You will be okay.
Fairies are hard at work
To make your sunrise
The start of a better day.

Ally Matthaey


Witchy said...

What a beautiful poem! I should write a poem about the fae too and put it on my blog.

ArtSings1946 said...

Hello and greetings. Sorry to be so late with a rely....thanks, oh, I'll go check out your blog.