Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fairy Presence and Approaches

Greetings all lovers of the Faery Folk. I have gathered this information through the years regarding signs of fairy approach and presence … some of these signs could also be, some might say, the presence of spirits. I know, I know I watch too much Ghost Adventures. But, it’s so much fun and very interesting not to mention a tad bit scary. Please feel free to comment and add any other signs that you may know of.

Signs of Faeries Approach and Presence - . A sudden unexplained trembling or whispering of leaves. A whirlwind or dust devil. The bending of grass blades with no perceptible cause. Sudden unexplained chills and goose bumps when alone in nature. The feeling of an insect walking through your hair, when there is none. A rippling of the water when not caused by a fish, a breeze or something tangible. Extreme silliness and times of uncontrolled laughter. An unexplainable loss of time.


Witchy said...

There can also be orbs and unexplainable lights. You can hear music without any explaination as to where it came from. I'm sure bells can be heard too. Sometimes mist can be seen too. Fae also like to come into our dreams and present themselves there. I had one dream of a pixie once but I don't remember it well. A lot of times these dreams are very vivid and memorable.

ArtSings1946 said...

Oh, thank you so much, Witchy. Those are just enchanting thoughts and ideas.