Saturday, April 13, 2013

Earth Day 2013 - April 22

Ok, ok, I could write an encyclopedia about this and how I feel about our beautiful, gorgeous, sacred, bountiful Mother Earth ... but instead I'm linking the first picture to the site where you can get involved and also see that, yes, there are good and kind people who care.  I'm so happy that our area is having an event and hopefully we will be healthy enough to go.  Enjoy everyone ... happiness and Mother's blessings to all.


Introverted Art said...

if we could just remember how sacred she is everyday...

earthen-magic said...

...many blessings to thee! ~ dearest kindred heart!...(0:

Ruth Welter said...

Hey Jan, it was great to hear from you, you have become a sweet blogging friend.

I appreciate every day on this beautiful earth, good reminder of how precious it is though. You have a kind heart.

We are getting ourselves organized here so we can leave the second week of June. My husband has to wait until he officially reaches his 26th year in the military before he can be free so, just two more months for us. The more we've cleaned out, the more we realize we're pretty prepared.

Ok, I'm hoping you get a cold front that will blow through for you and cool you off. Take care.


Victoria said...

Jan, thank you for posting this. I had forgotten that the 22nd was Earth Day. I swear, my memory...I think it's on a permanent vacation!



Magic Love Crow said...

Beautiful! Many blessings to you and mother earth ;o)