Saturday, November 3, 2012

Devotional For Hurricane Sandy Victims

Please take a minute or two to send your prayers and positive energy to all the hurricane victims who have lost their lives and their families.  And, if you could be so kind as to send this same loving energy to all the people who have lost so much up in the North East.  Remember, we are all one, and we can help heal the whole earth with our loving thoughts and actions.

We all can have a compassionate heart ... that is who we are if we can get in touch with the Divine Source within us all.  Send this compassion out into the world and you will be set free.

Love Always


Anonymous said...

Yes Sandy has devastated so many. Thank you for a thoughtful post. People can go over to the Red Cross site to donate or even iTunes among others places to give help as well.

CraveCute said...

I agree ArtSings... we all need to send what we can to those in need, whether it be healing thoughts or a donation of some kind. It all helps!
A very thoughtful post... blessings to you too.

CraveCute said...

Sending my thoughts and prayers to all of those devastated souls. Thank you for this very thoughtful post. ~Diane

Victoria said...

Jan, I've been doing that very thing several times a day since this horror called Hurricane Sandy happened, praying for all living beings who have been affected in the North East. I (stupidly) didn't think to do a post about it though...I'm so glad you did!

Blessings to you and yours,


Gloria said...

Thoughts and prayers; words, deeds, and donations- it's all very much needed. Thank you for this sincere and loving post.

Ruth Welter said...

Hi Jan, thanks again for your sweet note this week, much appreciated. The problem we are having now, which is potentially pretty bad, is that no gas is being delivered. I know in my house, we're conserving gas to see if things get better or worse this week. Tried to get gas for days now and every station near me is out. Thankfully one of our cars is almost full so, we're just being careful and conserving.


ArtSings1946 said...

Thank you all my dear cherubs ... and Ruth, I think the recovery will get worse before it gets better and this will bring out the very best in people (although there are some that are too far into the pit of denial of knowing that we are all connected). I can only think about when all the hurricanes hit Florida and especially Charlie ... I knew it would take time considering the devastation but things will get better if we all stick together in LOVE. Let's not forget about these folks, pretty please.

Happiness to all of you dears,

Magic Love Crow said...

My love and prayers out to everyone!!!