Friday, October 17, 2008


Well, here I am again, finally. It's just that I'm been actually watching the news because of the historical events now in place, which I don't do normally. Way too negative. I don't know why the 24-7 channels don't do something else more positive besides the bad and sensational news. There really are a lot of wonderful people and stories to be told that would actually lift our spirits and unite us not divide us, don't you think?

Anyway, just wanted to show a couple of my recent Fairy Dolls. From left to right, let me introduce you to Zelda, Sadie and Gracie. They don't have arms and I liked the way they came out without them (oh, you could use your imagination and know they they are magically hidden, but some don't believe in the magic of the universe and that's ok). I gave names to each of them (you will find them on the back of the doll which is also finished off so you can use these cuties and a ornament). I tried to use names that fit with the doll and also names that were vintage for a lack of a better word. I have embellished them with different vintage and not so vintage findings. Don't know if I'll be creating more of this style....that's for another post. Hey, if anyone has any ideas about "vintage" and cutie names please let me know - I would love to put them on my list for the dolls/ornaments. Needless-to-day I have lots of these dolls hanging all over the place. Fun Fun Fun!

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