Friday, October 10, 2008

Where my HEART is !

Ok, ok, I know, I know, at first I intended this to be a blog on all my art stuff, like what I create and what I like and all of that. But, I just had to write about where my heart is and always will be, and that is Brooklyn, New York. And, someday soon (that is if the Universe starts getting it's act together) my daughter and I will be moving back there and in style. Now, it's not like I live in this horrible place right now, it's a very very nice gated community just to the east of Tampa, Florida. But, we just don't belong here - we belong in Brooklyn, New York, somewhere close to Prospect Park to be precise. For some people they need to live where they need to live, some can live anywhere and it's ok with them. Either way, we do what we have to do and like what we like and belong where we belong. It would be some boring world if we all looked alike, thought alike, dressed alike, and lived in the same place or if all places were kinda the same. For me, I love the differences .... makes life interesting, don't you think. So, now I guess my blog will be about art (love it), Brooklyn (love it), Positive Thinking, and anything else that suits my fancy.

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