Saturday, October 11, 2008

Wisdom Sticks

Greetings from really hot Florida. Well, today I would like to discuss my Wisdom Sticks. I have tons of these made in various stages of completion. I really enjoy creating these Wisdom Sticks as there are many different ways to use my creativity with these. First, I need to think of a word and then look up or make up some kind of POSITIVE affirmation or quote or whatnot (you will notice I love that word because I'm not a very good writer, but I know I'll get better as time goes by). Because I believe in positive thinking and beliefs, these sticks speak to me on many levels, not to mention that they are just fun. I love painting them in my Eastern European American style (I'm an American with Polish heritage) and they all have a touch of sparkle on them. If I can spread a bit of happiness, laughter, love and HOPE, well, who could ask for more?

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