Saturday, October 25, 2008


I've been reading This Thing Called Life, by Ernest Holmes, which was first copyrighted in 1943! Yikes! My daughter brought this to my attention, knowing that I would be interested. Now, I've been on this spiritual journey for many years now, to enlightenment you might say, or an "awareness" but never heard of this guy. And, he's saying many of the same things (in a different way, or course) that I've been reading from tons of authors through the years. Ever heard of "The Secret", well he had, and way before this was touted to us through the media and such. I have to read up on him and blog more on him, but this book is a little gem, especially when I think when it was written.

As you might know, I'm big on affirmations, and so is he. I'm trying to focus my thoughts to the light and change their course as I notice that they are drifting negative. Lately they have been negative, I've been watching way too much news, but it's so exciting this election year. I can see a real shift in our society starting and I do believe it will be good...focusing on uniting us not dividing us...focusing on what we can do (which is anything we put our minds to) not fear and hate. I know, I know, some of you will be thinking, oh how naive and corny....well, don't give a hoot about those thoughts....only the good ones.

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