Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sweet Dreams Fairy - La Dormette de Poitou

I just found out about this delightful fairy from France. Similar to our sandman lore. I remember when I was very young thinking at night about the sandman coming round and helping us to sleep and have wonderful, sweet dreams. La Dormette De Poitou sounds like a delight. Oh, and that reminds me, my dear Dad would sing "Good Night Ladies, I'll See You In The Morn" to our mom and me and my two sisters just before we turn in for the night. I miss him, but I do have this wonderful memory. Perhaps I'll see Dad in my dreams tonight.

Dormette (La Dormette de Poitou): A sleep fairy in France. She assures that children will have pleasant dreams.
“Sweet sleep be with us, one and all!/ And if upon its stillness fall/ The visions of a busy brain,/ We'll have our pleasure o'er again,/ To warm the heart, to charm the sight,/ Gay dreams to all! good night, good night.”
~Joanna Baillie,Scottish poet (11 September 1762 – 23 February 1851)

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