Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Health - What Our Little Family Doesn't Take For Granted

“We achieve inner health only through forgiveness - the forgiveness not only of others but also of ourselves” ~Joshua Loth Liebman
“The health of nations is more important than the wealth of nations.” ~Will Rogers
“The first wealth is health.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson
“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” ~Mahatma Gandhi
“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”

“In health there is freedom. Health is the first of all liberties.” ~Henri Frederic Amiel

Auto-immune Disease … it stinks ! I am hesitate to write about this as I am a true believer in positive thinking and affirmations. But, these past weeks have been yucky … it seems I’m having a flare of my auto-immune disease. My precious daughter and myself have a form of this disease … of which, not much really is understood. I’m not a big believer in our health care system since it is all about profit not health. It’s moot anyway since we both don’t have healthcare and I do believe that is for the best for us. But, that’s another story.

The medical description somehow misses the point on how one feels. It is hard for me to explain … it’s just debilitating … at times I fell like I’m going to die … but thankfully I’m feeling better some of the time during the day, but just a bit.

My precious daughter has Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms and many other symptoms not mentioned regarding this disease, but they fit other Auto-immune Diseases. She has been in a full blown episode for the past 6 years, with little relief. It has gotten worse since the so called recession (we call it a Depression here) and she is house bound trying to make a living on the internet.

Since we don’t have healthcare we have been trying supplements and some have actually worked without any side-effects. The number one thing that has helped my daughter is Carlson’s Norwegian Cod Liver Oil, Lemon Flavor. It was like a miracle for her and although she still feels like her blood is on fire, it’s a smaller fire.

When I think about it when she was a toddler she had terrible eczema. Her doctor said she would outgrow this and we had a topical cream which didn’t help much. Her other symptoms started at an early age, around 10 years old. She was always very, very tired and unless you have this disease I don’t think you can understand just what kind of “tired” this is. Back then this kind of syndrome was not very understood at all and I don’t think much is understood even today. She went on with some stomach problems and then rashes and then rosacea. Also, her knee joint went crazy and she couldn’t walk for months during her collage years. No one could figure this out until years later when she developed eye problems and an insightful eye doctor tested her for the gene. This happened when we had insurance and the health care system with kinda ok. As far as we knew there was no cure and a medicine she finally took for her Rosacea almost killed her. If it wasn’t for the internet she would have died, because the doctors, and even a specialist didn’t put two and two together regarding her symptoms. And I’m not exaggerating about this….her meds were damaging her liver big time and the doctors didn’t have a clue and didn’t test her for liver damage.

You know, as I am writing about this I can see where my daughter has multiple severe symptoms that really don’t fit any one of the auto immune diseases, but many. It’s very upsetting as I see her suffering each and every day and after so many years it’s really gotten to her.

Ok. Well, I got that out of my system and back onto the positive thinking track. I think sometimes I don’t face these feelings and instead of letting them go I push them down into my subconscious which is not good at all. But I want to let them go and continue on the positive track. What does worrying and fretting do anyway … not a blessed thing, so I might as well “act as if” all is ok and who knows, perhaps it will be. Oh, a more positive way to say that is "That It Most Certainly Is Better And Better Each And Every Day. All of this started with a very stressful time in our lives brought on by some personal tragedies. I’m sure that my daughter could feel these terrible energies when she was just a baby and that has contributed to her disease … but, saying that, it also gives us hope that we can get better with positive thinking and energies. It’s hard when you feel sick all the time, but we just can’t give up. So below are some affirmations that I write or say during the day … at least the days when I can. They do seem to help.

* I am perfectly healed in body, mind and Spirit.
* I am physically fit and free of pain in Body, Mind and Spirit.

* I am healthy, and full of energy and vitality each and every day.

* I am healthy, happy, content and safe and sound.

* I radiate good health and positive energies.
* I am filled with positive and vibrant energy.
* I forgive myself as well as all others with the help of Divine LOVE and COMPASSION.

* I am in perfect health in Body, Mind and Spirit.

All I do know is that I wish, from the bottom of my heart, and intend for ALL to possess Happiness, Health, Abundance, Love, Beauty, Kindness, Peace, Spirit, Goodness and Light !

"What is behind us or before us is tiny compared to what is within us.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


Witchy said...

Dear Artsings,

I'm so sorry to her about you and your daughters poor health. I consider you are friend and too much of a kind wonderful person to have such trouble with this. It truly astounds me that those doctors were so ignorant about the liver damage. Anyway. If there is anything I can do for you then just shout out. I'm always here to talk. Now I'm just curious about some things but you don't have to answer if you don't want. I'm wondering if you are going herbal with your supplements? What do you take? I also am wondering if you two have ever been to an energy healer? That may help. You both are so strong of spirit to be trying to keep positive through this. You are truly an inspiration.

Now let me share a quote:
"When it hurts to look back and your scared to look ahead you can look beside you and your best friend will be there."


ArtSings1946 said...

Oh, dearest friend, you have brought tears to my eyes. I will shout when I need a shoulder, but I truly believe (at least some of the time) that this is a journey that we have chosen and we will get through to the other side eventually. It has made me grown spiritually. I have especially turned to the Holy Mother Goddess for help and the Archangel Michael for protection and strength.

I try not to blame myself but do take responsibility to change my thoughts and beliefs to positive ones. Otherwise I have no power to change things for myself and my daughter.

As for energy healing, my daughter is attuned in Level I Reiki, and I'm a Reiki Master ... can you believe that...you'd think we would be feeling much better. Also my sister is paying for my visits to an Acupuncturist and that makes me feel wonderful for a time.

I think this last bout was the change in weather. We really need to change things financially but I don't want to think with a poverty mentality and just think things will and are working out. Really, some wonderful and miraculous things have fallen into place in the past, so I just need to have faith that they will now.

I worry the most about my daughter ... so, if you can light some incense and chant a prayer, I'll be grateful.

PS I promise that my next post will be positive ... it will be about our beautiful black female cat, Puffie.

Witchy said...

Oh Artsings! I'm glad that you can see this in a more positive light. If it was me I would probably be whining like a baby. As for the prayer, that I can do and I will try to keep you both in my mind with positive energy flowing out to you. I can not believe that you do reiki. I am unsure about what that is but I fully plan on researching about it. I am looking forward to your post about your cat. What amazing creatures they are!

Magic Love Crow said...

Hi Artsings, I am very sorry to hear about your daughter. I am sending her and you much positive energy! I know when I was sick, after I came home from the hospital and still wasn't sure what was going to happen, I would sit infront of my candle, and say all positive affirmations! I still do! I know for myself, I take fish oil, vitamin D, Barley Green (juice powder of young barley plants, high in vitamin A, E, B6, B12, manganese and calcium. I also everyday, have two very large cups of good green tea and always eat wild clover honey or buckwheat honey! I believe honey truly saved me when I was sick and I have it always! Even a teaspoon in hot water! It is truly nature's healer!

ArtSings1946 said...

Dearest Magic, Thanks for the positive comment ... I really, really appreciate it. I forward your comment to my daughter, all good things to take. She takes the lemon flavor cod liver oil ... that seemed to work even better than just the fish oil ... it's the oil in the bottle by Carlson. And it has no fish aftertaste ... it's amazing. She would use the green tea but wants it with milk and she read that the milk negates the positive effects....that doesn't sound right to me. All your suggestions are under advisement. But, you like me, believe in those positive affirmations....I just won't give up on that. Love and Light,

Magic Love Crow said...

Hi Jan ;o) I just wanted to let you know, that lemon doesn't agree with me. There are certain things that I have to stay away from, from when I was ill. And lemon, causes me pain. For the green tea, I have never heard having it with milk, will take away the good benefits of it? I know for myself, I always have it plain and the stronger the better. Sometimes, I let it sit for a half an hour, even it's not hot, because it's strong! Something I have got use to. Maybe if she had it with the honey?? Big Hugs ;o)

Wendy said...

Found you on Moontides and I liked your description of the Samhain supper (that is anything but "dumb" at your house). LoL!

Autoimmune diseases are the pits. I don't need to tell you that.

My two grandchildren have primary immune deficiency disease and they are 4 and 2 yrs. They're doing much better these days, but for a while it was really scarey. The 4-year old is still having tests done in almost every specialty, but at least she is happy and finally finally gaining weight and eating.

Their mother, my daughter has just been diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis, which is arthritis of the spine and hips. Her RA factor is positive, but we'll just take things one step at a time.

I read Louise Hay and do her affirmations every day. I find they help and we do need something to hold on to and hope for.

Sending hugs and prayers. Life can be extremely challenging at times -let's hope the way softens for us soon.

ArtSings1946 said...

Thank you Magic for your advice on the Green Tea ... I'll pass it on. I do think she should drink it strong and plain with some honey, but she can be very particular. I think that's because she has to feel she has some power in her life since so much of it has been taken away with illness. I know what you mean by not be able to take the lemon. My daughter can't take a lot of supplements because it disagrees big time with her. Yikes, what a mess life can be sometimes. I have to look at your blog some more and read about your journey. Never enough time in the day. Love and Light, your friend, Jan

ArtSings1946 said...

Hi Wendy, thank you for sharing and commenting on my post. I really appreciate all those good energies coming our way ... sending them right back to you and your precious daughter and granddaughters.

My daughter has that gene also, and since we have to diagnose ourselves now we have come up with undifferentiated spondyloarthrophy for her(her symptoms seem to be too sever for this)and psoriatic arthritis for me, but I do believe my daughter's problem is something that cannot be put into any one box. Lately besides all the other symptoms she has developed back and hip pain. We don't have healthcare and with our experiences with doctors in the past we don't really miss them since they have been no help whatsoever EXCEPT that wonderful eye doctor. Who would think? She was in a University Hospital years ago and they didn't come up with a diagnosis, didn't even test her for the gene.

I love Louise Hay ... I have a set of her cards. The cards I use the most are the 4 agreement ones ... uplifting and positive.

Also, you have inspired me to get off my you know what and write about the affirmations book that I have been using for the past 6 years recommended by my counselor at the time. It's "The Lanuage Of Letting Go", by Melody Beattie. This has helped me a bunch ... and it still speaks to me and helped be evolve spiritually and start really thinking about who I am.

So thank you, and may the Holy Goddess bless you with Her infinite Love and Compassion !