Monday, October 10, 2011

The Sleeper Has Awoken !

Greetings to all who gather in Goodness and Light, and seek liberty and justice for all Mother Earth’s creatures great and small. THE SLEEPER HAS AWOKEN !

I am so excited and hopeful about what is happening around our country, and the world for that matter, with all the peaceful, positive and love-filled protests being done by the people. I have been trying to send out positive energy to the Universe for some years now, and believe me it has been hard, for personal reasons and for all the hateful, fear-filled and negative energies that have been gathering. I know that others have been trying to be positive and have been doing the same.

I no longer watch nor trust main stream media. It’s like I have had an awakening of some sort and can “see” things that I did not before. Like subtle psychological game playing with words that try to influence thinking without the thinker knowing this is being done. So, I watch Democracy Now at Bridges TV, BBC and BBC America (although they have their problems), Public TV, read the New York Times via the internet and other blogs and, or course, my hero Keith Olberman at Current TV, Al Gore’s network. Mostly I think for myself … I try to be aware and think for myself, it’s just common sense really. I do try to be open minded but I will no longer listen nor watch the crazies and the darkness and listen to the lies … it’s so bad now it would be like listening to (oh I hate to say this) Hitler, the Klan, Stalin, etc., etc. I don’t believe we should give voice to this kind of discourse. True, meaningful, thoughtful discourse, yes, but that does not exist at the moment. Hopefully that will return for we are all better off with a difference of opinion and to come to a consensus. No more leaders, just the people coming together for the common good and listening and coming to a real consensus.

We all can help, if only to continue to be positive, compassionate and non-violent. Of course if you are able to attend protests that would be wonderful. But, if you cannot you can start by believing that positive change can and will happen for ALL the world’s citizens. One way to do that is just to read and, if you have the time, write out the beautiful affirmation below. Thinking of a positive affirmation yourself would be grand. If you just can’t believe this right now, “act as if” you do. Eventually belief will come, if only for a moment, and moment by moment we can change the world for the better. I know we can, I can see it in my mind’s eye.

So, my kindest thoughts and prayers to everyone, especially the ones in darkness. I pray that somehow, someway those in the throws of fear and darkness come into the light and we can all being anew with a good and kind and compassionate society for all.

Anyway, that’s my two cents. Love and Light, Happiness and Abundance to ALL !

I believe in the spirit of innocence, the wonder that shapes us and leads us to dream.
I believe that life is a gift to be unwrapped everyday and given freely to those in need.
I believe that even in our darkest hour; we can take a deep breath and start all over again.
Most of all, I believe in the Power of Love and that in the end it will heal us all.
~Author Unknown~

May the power of love fill your hearts and souls.
Many blessings to you on your path of light....Remember to keep our chain of love and inspiration strong....
In healing and loving energy,
Walk in peace, light and compassion....


Magic Love Crow said...

I just wanted to say, I agree with everything you have said ;o) We are suppose to have a peaceful protest in Toronto too. Blessings ;o)

ArtSings1946 said...

Greetings, MagicLoveCrow, thank you for your positive comment. I always heard that Canadians are the nicest people, and you help prove that. At least in Canada your government cares about the everyday folks, eg healthcare. But, it's good that there's going to be peaceful protests in Toronto. We can change the world for the good. Love and Light, ArtSings

Magic Love Crow said...

The protest is tomorrow ;o) And, we are suppose to be having one in Vancouver too. I try to be nice ;o) But, that doesn't mean all Canadians are nice! LOL! I agree, we do have good healthcare, but people take advantage of it, and sometimes I think, we are going to start to pay for that! Let's hope not! Take Care.